The Luce Performance Group needed a website to educate clients about the products and services they offer.  The most recent redesign Whitesites did for LPG included a blog allowing the LPG staff to add unique content for readers.  One of the features that LPG likes most is the Managers Recap system.  Before Whitesites added this to their website, their station managers would have to fax in their reports.  Now they just log-in and fill out the online submit forms.  Once they are done, the server stores their information to the database and emails an HTML email to both the LPG consultants and the station manager.  This has one feature has automated work that used to be very time consuming for the office staff.  Overall the website has allowed the company to streamline operations thereby saving thousands in yearly costs.

Luce Performance Group

Radio Sales Consulting

Houston, TX

Radio Sales Consultant Sean Luce and his team of consultants provide sales and management consulting to Radio Stations.
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