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Web Design and Development

WhiteSites is the Web Design and Development company of Paul White.  For over 6 years Paul has been building websites for all types of businesses.  What makes Paul different is his experience.  We are not a company that relies on re-branding In-a-Box solutions.  Every website we build is designed and programmed from the ground up.  This allows us to be very flexible to our client's needs, and offer certain features that you will find no where else.

Builidng a website is similar to building a house.  If you go with a typical builder, you get to choose one of several floor plans.  Then you can choose upgrades and so forth.  But when you want something more, you don't use a builder first.  You first hire an architect to custom design the home the exact way you want it.  That is the difference between WhiteSites and others.  With WhiteSites you just went straight to the architect.  Anything is possible.
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