About WhiteSites

WhiteSites is the web design and development company of Paul White.  For over 15 years Paul has been building websites for businesses of all types with a focus on companies in the services industries.  What makes Paul different is his wide range of services, including graphic design for print fliers, web design and development for online marketing, and bulk email and text (SMS and MMS) solutions.  

Most clients don't know what they want, or even what is possible.  WhiteSites will consult with you to brainstorm the right website for where your business is today, with the ability to easily add features later as your business grows.  Our goal is to build you a website that fits your budget and minimizes ongoing costs.

WhiteSites can help reduce or eliminate website update fees.  Most of the websites we build have a control panel that gives clients the ability to update and edit their own content with no programming skills needed.  For some clients, this alone saves them thousands in annual costs since they don't have to pay a web master to make updates to their site.


The majority of WhiteSites' business comes from client referrals.  This means our success will be based on your success. 

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