Web Design

Web Design includes the visual elements of a website.  Slicing up graphics and constructing a given look and feel.  When possible we use CSS based layouts, which reduces server transfer, and gives a web designer more flexibility to change colors, borders and fonts.  Because Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Opera, do not display websites the same, this can pose a challenge to web designers.  Some Designers will develop a website for only IE ( Internet Explorer ) or only FireFox.  By Default we build all our websites to be compatible with IE 6+, and Mozilla / Firefox 1.5+.  This ensures compatibility for users on Windows XP machines and newer.  Web Design also includes constructing layouts for HTML emails and newsletters.  This can be a much more difficult task considering that every email client ( yahoo, aol, hotmail, gmail, outlook, ect. ) will only support a limited number of HTML tags and CSS rules.  Web Design can also include simple flash movies

Web Design Questions

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Web Design Projects


Website for Haunted House in East Houston

Spookers Halloween

Website for Houston Halloween Costume and Accessories Store

Houston Cheap Fireworks

Website for Houston Fireworks Warehouse and Stands


Website to help Attorney increase referrals via search engines.


The ProSport Nutrition Energy Drink website.


Website for radio sales and management consulting company


Website for group of motivational speakers


Website for business coach and consultant


Website for Country Music Artist CooperWade


Houston Preforeclosure mitigation services, and dept refinancing


Website for Family Entertainment Center


Website for Veterinary Clinic
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