The foundation of every great marketing piece, whether it be your website or a flier, are great photos.  Listed below are a few examples of situations where WhiteSites could serve you.

Real Estate
Selling a home is hard enough in this market.  To save money some real estate agents may take their own photos using a point and shoot camera, or even a cell phone.  They take photos of the property as is without staging the rooms for the best possible impression.  To get the best photos, you can't just walk in and start shooting.  It has to be the right time of day,  the right lenses must be used, and the property has to be staged to ensure the best presentation possible.  Buyers may search based on price, and number of beds, but they can't go see all 1000 homes that meet their criteria.  Great photos will put your home above the competition.  Great photos are what pushes buyers to contact an agent to see the property in person.

Nightclub and Party
Having a designated photographer for your Nightclub or Party ensures all the best moments are captured.  Nightclubs are some of the most difficult places to take pictures.  By using various techniques we ensure to get the crowd in the shot while preserving the ambient lighting.  The result will make your venue look like something out of Vegas rather than Houston.

Photography Questions

Why is a DSLR camera better than a point and shoot?What camera does Whitesites use for photography?

Photography Projects

Photo Shoot for Commercial Property

Photo shoot for a commercial property that was recently purchased by an investor
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