What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stand for Virtual Private Server.  Back in the old days of the internet you had two hosting choices: either shared, or full dedicated.  As a result many websites would out grow their shared hosting account and be forced to upgrade to a dedicated server.  The problem is most websites will not fully utilize a dedicated Server.  So people would end up paying hundreds for way more hosting power than you currently needed.

In the early 2000s virtualization software came to the market.  Virtualization Software is installed over top of the Operating system allowing this server to be broken into multiple virtual servers.  So you get all the control of a dedicated server without the expensive hosting costs.  This was ideal for medium-sized websites or companies that needed a hosting solution for many smaller websites.  On average, VPS hosting costs run from $50 / month up to $200.  Fully dedicated servers run $150 / month up to $500+.  However unlike a dedicated server that can be upgraded with more disk space or more ram, VPS hosting gives you a fixed amount of resources.  The only way to get more is to migrate your websites to a larger VPS.  VPS hosting also suffers from performance and stability issues since there is poor seperation between each virtual node running on the VPS.  A VPS may work for some websites, but we do not recommend it for applications that are considered mission critical.

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