Where do I get a domain name?

If you don't yet have a domain picked out, its a good to search and see what is available.  One of the websites I recommend for searching to see what is available is dotster.com. Just use them to see what is available.  Don't buy your domain at dotster.  Once you have found a domain, we recommend you buy your domain with Godaddy.  We recommend you try to get the ".com"

For people that already have a domain, there is no problem.  We will need to transfer your domain to godaddy where we can get full control over your DNS to ensure the right records can be created.

Domains are  mysterious to many new website operators.  You get the same services no matter where you buy your domain, and if you are paying too much for renewals, you can easily transfer it to another registrar to save money.  If you ever get a letter in the mail from a company trying to get you to send them money to renew your domain, don't do it.  There has been a lot of scams going around with companies trying to make people believe they need to pay for some service, and this is bogus.  Also never send money or any information to a company that wants money for SEO purposes.  This is another scam.

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